7 Locations To Serve You

Below you will find the contact information for all of our locations. We look forward to your visit!

H&W Produce Millwoods

9261 34 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB Canada T6E 5T5
(780) 436-7970
Learn more … H&W Produce Millwoods

H&W Produce Clareview

14083 Victoria Trail NW
Edmonton, AB Canada T5Y 2B6
(780) 478-8780
Learn more … H&W Produce Clareview


H&W Produce Kensington

12510 132 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB Canada T5L 3P1
(780) 451-3700
Learn more … H&W Produce Kensington

H&W Produce Capilano

6120 Terrace Rd NW
Edmonton, AB Canada T6A 3Z1
(780) 485-2018
Learn more … H&W Produce Capilano

H&W Produce Terra Losa

17220 95 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB Canada T5T 6P8
(780) 486-7700
Learn more … H&W Produce Terra Losa

H&W Produce Calgary

3508 32 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB Canada T1Y 6J2

(403) 291-3232

Learn more…..H&W Produce Calgary 


H&W Produce Sherwood Park

201 Festival Way

Sherwood Park, AB Canada T8A 5P7

(780) 409-1830