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H&W Produce carries a large selection of fruits and vegetables including many exotic selections and herbs.  Our Produce ABCs section is designed as a helpful resource to get nutritional facts and other details about the many varieties of produce we carry.



Apricots are one of the smaller stone fruits. The skin is smooth and soft with a golden orange colour. The fruit contains a loosely connected pit in the centre.  The apricot is not too juicy but definitely sweet. Apricots can be enjoyed fresh, dried, grilled, cooked...


Avocado (Hass) is a pear shaped fruit with a tumbled leathery thick skin, a pale lime green flesh, and a central pit.  Hass avocado's have a creamy and smooth texture with a nutty sweet finish. Avocado's are rich in dietary fibre, several B vitamins, vitamin C, E, and...


Bananas is an edible fruit with a thick yellow peel with a creamy, semi-starchy sweet flesh.  Bananas are known for their potassium rich flesh and other nutrients including vitamin B, C, fibre, and magnesium.  They are one of  the more calorie dense fruits, making...


There are hundreds of specific varieties of blackberries.  The name is often used as a generic term that refers to a wide range of bush berries that are considered blackberries.  When ripe, blackberries have a deep ink sheen and their flavouring is sweet, slightly...


There are three types of blueberries: high bush, low bush and hybrid half high.  Blueberries are delicate and round with a rich indigo colour and a sweet taste. Blueberries display their blue colouring due to the concentration of anthocyanin present in the skin.  The...




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